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Riber Ore Video Interview From Lima, Peru

Video interview with Riber Ore in Peru that made it to radio in the USA.

De una entrevista que me hicieron para medios de comunicaction (Radio) en EEUU.

Click HERE to find out more about about Riber Ore.


  1. 28 September 11, 4:56pm

    That is so incredible! Love this video.

  2. 30 September 11, 4:07pm

    I can’t believe the extraordinary talent of this artist. I could listen to him all day.

    • 22 November 11, 5:56am

      This piece was cogent, well-written, and pleasant.

  3. 30 September 11, 5:29pm

    I don’t know Spanish, but this is incredible. He invoked the spirit in me!

  4. Quyen
    30 September 11, 5:50pm

    Fantastic showcase 🙂

  5. glen
    25 October 11, 12:31pm

    I never get tired of listening to Riber…he’s an extraordinary player and his passion for the music comes right through!

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